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William NunweekAge: 63 years18431907

William Nunweek
Birth 8 November 1843 44 38
Death of a motherElizabeth Brigg
2 January 1844 (Age 55 days)
Marriage of a siblingHenry NunweekMatilda StonehewerView this family
8 August 1852 (Age 8 years)
Marriage of a siblingRichard NunweekMargaret SykesView this family
14 July 1857 (Age 13 years)
Fact 6
Mechanic.Living as boarder with J Smith at
1861 (Age 17 years)

Marriage of a siblingDale BinnsMary NunwickView this family
7 September 1862 (Age 18 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherElizabeth Brigg
30 August 1865 (Age 21 years)
Marriage of a siblingWilliam HolmesHannah Elizabeth NunwickView this family
2 April 1866 (Age 22 years)
MarriageHannah FortuneView this family
16 October 1869 (Age 25 years)
Birth of a son
Smith Nunweek
16 April 1871 (Age 27 years)
Fact 8 1871 (Age 27 years)
Death of a fatherThomas Nunnock
June 1872 (Age 28 years)
Marriage of a siblingJohn NunweekMartha Elizabeth BastowView this family
28 August 1872 (Age 28 years)
Birth of a son
Fred Nunweek
16 August 1876 (Age 32 years)
Fact 1
Turner at Mac
1881 (Age 37 years)

Fact 1 1881 (Age 37 years)

Death of a brotherJohn Nunweek
30 December 1895 (Age 52 years)
Death of a sisterCharlotte Nunweek
16 April 1901 (Age 57 years)
Marriage of a childFred NunweekRebecca Andrews SeatonView this family
23 May 1904 (Age 60 years)
Birth of a grandson
Norman Seaton Nunweek
14 March 1905 (Age 61 years)
Birth of a granddaughter
Annie Nunweek
6 December 1907 (Age 64 years)
Fact 2
Worked at Prnce Smiths Engineering works

Fact 3
Brought up C of E .Buried in Riddlesden church

Fact 4
yard St Mary's. Went to Riddlesden Methodist church.

Fact 5
A well-respected gentleman.

Fact 7
Fact 9
Death 1907 (Age 63 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: 24 December 1821Bingley, Yorkshire
4 months
elder sister
Charlotte Nunweek
Birth: 23 April 1822 23 17Unkera Bingley Yorkshire
Death: 16 April 1901Thwaites nr.Keighley Yorkshire
21 months
elder brother
James Nunweek
Birth: 20 January 1824 24 19Unkera Bingley Yorkshire
Death: 20 December 1841Thwaites nr.Keighley Yorkshire
2 years
elder brother
5 years
elder brother
3 years
elder brother
2 years
elder sister
4 years
elder sister
5 years
Family with Hannah Fortune - View this family
Marriage: 16 October 1869Morton nr.Bingley Yorkshire
18 months
5 years

Shared note
Mother died soon after W. was born. He was brought up by a family whose head was John Smith. We understand he was an eccentric religious man who prayed in fields behind walls. W. worked at Prince Smiths. He had some money because he bought 3 houses in Bar Lane. He gave one to son Smith and one to my GGrandfather Fred. See letter from solicitor to grandad saying what a lucky young man he was owning property at such a young age. W. was brought up C of E. He married in church.I don't know from what age he moved to the Methodists. William Nunweek, my great grandfather was born in Morton Banks, Riddlesden on November 8th 1843. His mother Elizabeth died within two months of his birth. He was christened at Bingley Parish Church in April 1944. By 1851 0n the Census returns Thomas (William's father) was living at Thwaites with his mother and five of his children. William was now 7 years old and a scholar living with a family called Smith at KIln Bank, Riddlesden. John Smith and his wife Hannah broughtup William along with their three children who weresome years older than William. John was a farm servant and we understand he was an eccentric religious man who prayed behind stone walls. In the 1861 Census William was working as a mechanic and was now a boarder with the Smith family. ON October 16th 1869 William married Hannah Fortune at Morton Church near Bingley. (Riddlesden Church was not consecrated to perform marriages at this time) Hannah was the daughter of William Fortune, a furnituremaker who died along with his wife when Hannah was quite young. We find her in 1861 working as a nurse and living with her sister and brother-in-law Tom Driver at 6 Low Banks. With her were other brothers and sister namely - Joseph, Asquith, James and Judith. By 1871 William and Hannah were also living in Low Banks. William's occupation was an iron-turner and I believe he worked at Prince Smiths, a large engineering firm in the town of Keighley. On April 16th 1871 a son was born. He was named Smith presumably after John Smith as a mark of respect for bringing up William. A second son Fred was born on August 17th 1876 (he was my grand father). I know little about my grandfather's upbringing. I believe he went to Riddlesden School and then went to work at Prince Smiths along with his older brother Smith. In 1901 Charlotte Nunweek died leaving a quarter of her estate to William Nunweek her youngest brother. By 1904 three houses in Bar Lane, Riddlesden had been bought; two of which he gave to his children. So when my grandfather married in 1904 he had a house to take his new bride to. William died in 1907 and was buried in Riddlesden Church Yard.